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Treatment For Excessive Sweating


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Miami - Sunday, 28th July 2024$500
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Excessive Sweating is a common problem affecting the armpits, hands and feet, and a major cause of distress and anxiety. It’s often known as ‘the silent handicap’ and many people live with it not knowing their treatment options.

Humans have up to 4 million sweat glands distributed over the body. Eccrine glands secrete an odourless, clear fluid that serves to aid in the regulation of body temperature by allowing heat loss by evaporation. These glands are in higher density on the soles of the feet. Apocrine sweat glands are located in the axilla and genital regions—and produce a thick, odourless fluid that undergoes bacterial decomposition, leading to substances with strong odours, often known as ‘B.O’

What Can Be Done?

Anti-Wrinkle injections can help relieve sweating in all these areas through blocking nerve control of sweating. Although routinely used in the hands and feet it is only currently licenced for the armpits. Anti-Wrinkle injections are quick, painless, extremely effective and can last between 6-8 months.

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