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NEW Ultrasound Masterclass

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Course Content & Structure

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Outline

Our Ultrasound Masterclass is designed to teach you the latest techniques and skills to get the most out of your ultrasound probe. You’ll learn how to assess and map the arteries of the face before treatment, inject under ultrasound guidance, and use your probe post-treatment to assess filler placement and blood flow.

Ultrasound Masterclass Explained

What You Will Learn

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Ultrasound In Cosmetics

Ultrasound has brought the cosmetic medical practice to the next revolutionary step by providing the ability to visualize the underlying anatomy unique to each individual. This eliminates the need for blind injections and ensures increased accuracy and reduced risk of complications by avoiding vital structures.

With the growing popularity of cosmetic treatments, particularly anti-aging treatments, it’s essential to have a method that allows real-time visualization of the individual anatomy. Ultrasound imaging provides valuable information to injectors when needing to dissolve previously injected filler treatments. As a result, it has become an essential tool in promoting safer cosmetic treatments and shifting static anatomy to mobile real-time facial anatomy.

Our Ultrasound Masterclass offers an invaluable learning tool through follow-up imaging, optimizingtechniques, and improving patient outcomes. It speeds up the learning curve for new and advanced treatments, making it an essential tool for all those in the cosmetics field.

Course Structure

9am – Lecture
11am – Probe orientation and practise
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Nasolabial filler model with FA and Angular artery mapping. Piriform fossa bolus technique used with USS shown to improve safety
1:45pm – Nose filler model with angular ena L, E, D nasal artery mapping
2:30pm – Masseter Botox model with facial mapping and injection under guidance, highlight artery, parotid gland, facial nerve, teeth and muscle
3:15pm – Forehead/ temple/ frown filler with upper facial mapping – highlight external carotid, temporal branches, supratrochlear
4pm – Tear trough filler with facial mapping and injection under guidance – highlight transverse facial artery, infra-orbital foramen and structures such as OO muscle and fat pads etc.
4:45pm – Ultrasound guided identification of old filler, and dissolving migrated lip filler or tear trough filler model with USS

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