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Artistic Facial Transformation (1 day)

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Course Overview

This super masterclass training course is perfect for those wanting to further expand their foundationadvanced and masterclass training and learn brand new cutting-edge full facial transformations. Increasing demands for nonsurgical procedures have led to new innovative cosmetic treatments in combination to create certain facial concepts for male, female and older face types.

Course Content & Structure

With increased demand for non-surgical procedures, this masterclass teaches innovative cosmetic treatments to create certain facial concepts for male, female, and older face types. During the course, you’ll learn how to perform full facial transformations using between 6-10 syringes of filler in one sitting – a technique not taught elsewhere. 

With a focus on in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of hands-on practical training on live models in a real-life clinic setting, you’ll be fully equipped to approach holistic full facial transformations. 

At Derma Medical, we prioritize high-quality training, so you can expect comprehensive demonstrations and guidance from highly experienced practitioners. With small groups and ample time allocated for practice, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to practice after completing the course. 

What You Will Learn

1 Day Artistic Facial Transformation

1) Introduction to the latest advanced nonsurgical techniques

2) Facial Analysis – anatomic/artistic/expressive

3) Facial Proportions- aesthetic angles/treatment lines/PHI ratios

4) The 4 Face Types & Morphology- what to focus on vs areas to avoid

5) Technical vs Artistic Injecting- how to distinguish yourself from the rest

6) How much to use- quantity & G’Prime

7) Injection techniques, instruments & where to use them

8) Facial Aesthetic Concepts:

– Masculinisation/Virilisation

– Feminisation/Beautification

– Profile Harmonisation

– Structural Rejuvenation

9) Combining Packages and Price Structuring

10) Artistic Facial Transformation Masterclass Certification and course aftercare

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