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Chin filler

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Dallas - Sunday, 23rd June 20241mlWas $350 Now $175
Dallas - Sunday, 23rd June 20242mlWas $600 Now $300
Dallas - Monday, 24th June 20241mlWas $350 Now $175
Miami - Sunday, 28th July 20241ml$350
Miami - Sunday, 28th July 20242ml$600
Miami – Monday, 29th July 20241ml$350
Dallas - Sunday, 25th August 20241ml$350
Dallas - Sunday, 25th August 20242ml$600
Dallas – Monday, 26th August 20241ml$350

Chin fillers will improve the overall appearance of the jaw and chin area. Filler is an excellent tool to use to shape and adjust a more satisfying profile.

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Why do we treat the chin with fillers?

Skin filler can be used in the chin to create contour, length and improve the side profile if you have a “weak” chin by placing the filler so that the chin is pushed forward. Chin fillers can create a dramatic change and balance to the face, and also give the impression of a narrower jaw, smaller nose and sharper features depending on where the product is placed.

How do we treat the chin with fillers?

Dermal fillers are injected painlessly with a thin needle into various points in the chin, depending on the client’s wishes and needs. Because the agent is quite firm, it can give structure and shape to the entire jaw with minimal side effects and long-lasting results lasting 9-12 months. Chin fillers are usually combined with jaw fillers and cheekbone shaping to naturally create lift, contour and sharp features in the entire face. When balancing the side profile, the treatment is combined with nose correction.

Models at Derma Medical can expect the same high quality of products and results as in salons/clinics, but at the same time save over 50% on the treatment price.

The model places are few and popular, Book here  to reserve the desired treatment.

For those with a medical background who wish to learn how to perform the treatment, please visit our Advanced Masterclass course pages for more information.

Treatment time

30 minutes

ProcessBack to everyday work/job


Results are seen within

Immediate, final results are seen within 7 days

Results last

9-12 months

Side Effects & Complications

Temporary redness, swelling, formation of bruises.


Anesthetic is placed in the treatment area before the procedure. The filler contains anesthetic inside for maximum comfort.

Price in clinic


Derma Model Price


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