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Dr Amrit Thiara

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Amrit Thiara, is the CEO at Derma Medical and also an expert cosmetic doctor. Dr Amrit founded Tiara Aesthetics with 3 successful clinics in the UK and has gone on to become the Key opinion leader for Intraline, the dermal filler manufacturer.

He has written and developed pioneering techniques and courses at Derma Medical such as the forehead and glabellar filler, expert non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques as well as peri-orbital rejuvenation in complex cases. He has a specialist interest in ultrasound-guided facial aesthetics and is developing a cutting-edge training course with Claruis to bring internationally.

Dr Amrit joined Derma Medical over 5 years ago and currently trains from the foundation level right the way through to AFT and Level 7 diploma. He graduated honours with distinction from the University of Keele in 2014 and went on to specialise in the field of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

Facial Transformations by Dr Amrit Thiara

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