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There are 2 broad ways to classify cosmetic injectables: those that rejuvenate and those that are structural. Combining the 2 is the basis of my Structural Rejuvenation package.
When assessing the face, it’s important to remember that the side view is just as important as the front view. Treating patients 1-dimensionally can have a profound impact on the profile which they may dislike. Artistic injectors are aware of a holistic 3D assessment.
Globally, there has been more emphasis on defining female beauty, however, trends are shifting and more men are seeking customisable options to enhance their appearance. This trend will continue to grow as awareness rises.
Using global ideologies of beauty and scientific concepts its possible to enhance or create certain features that are considered more attractive within minutes. This technique requires a considerable amount of product and multiple techniques that can be used to optimise female proportions.

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