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We offer bespoke training for you and your team! Discuss your training needs and requirements with our team!

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Benefits of Bespoke Training

Bespoke Aesthetic Training for YOU!

Experience personalised training like never before with Bespoke Aesthetic training by Derma Medical. Our team of expert trainers provides fully insured, hands-on training sessions designed for small groups of 1-4 delegates. Tailored to address your specific needs, whether you seek to enhance your injecting skills, focus on particular procedures, or learn new techniques, we’ve got you covered. Choose Bespoke Training for a customized learning experience that caters to your individual goals and aspirations in the field of aesthetics.

For our Bespoke Training sessions, we offer full-day training either at a location you prefer or at one of our designated venues. During these courses, delegates are responsible for arranging cosmetic models, and we accommodate up to 10 treatments per training day. As part of the session, we supply all the consumables and products necessary for the treatments. All we require is advance notice regarding the models and the treatments they will undergo. When you book your Bespoke aesthetic training, we kindly ask for details about your previous aesthetic training courses and certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training accredited?

Our bespoke aesthetic training courses are accredited, ensuring that practitioners receive education of the highest standard in personalized aesthetic training.

Bespoke training in aesthetics is highly adaptable and flexible, allowing trainers to address the specific requirements and goals of each participant. Whether it’s mastering a particular technique, gaining proficiency with specific tools or procedures, or enhancing overall aesthetic practice, bespoke training can be tailored to focus on the areas most relevant to the practitioner’s professional development.

Certainly! Our bespoke training isn’t limited to individual instruction; we also extend our services to medspa owners who aspire for their staff to excel in their roles. To achieve this goal, we provide personalized group training tailored to suit the specific procedures you wish to integrate into your clinic portfolio.

The duration and structure of bespoke training programs can vary depending on your learning goals and availability. Programs may range from 1 day to extended mentorship programs spanning several days. The structure often includes a combination of theoretical instruction (if requested), hands-on practice on real models, case studies, and ongoing support and feedback.

Yes, bespoke training in aesthetics can accommodate practitioners at all skill levels, from beginners looking to establish a foundation in aesthetics to advanced professionals seeking to refine their expertise or explore new techniques. Trainers can adjust the curriculum, pace, and complexity of the training to match the participant’s current proficiency level and learning objectives.

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